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Create Attachment. Cultivate Sleep

All our tailored support is backed by research, and carefully designed to work with your individual childs' sleep need and sensory temperament. We incorporate your parenting style to gently nurture better sleep for the whole family.

Topics we cover:

  • The Psychology of Sleep,

  • Sensory Profiling,

  • Safe Sleep,

  • Bed Sharing, 

  • Responsive Parenting, 

  • The Truths of Sleep Coaching,

  • Sleep for Twins or more,

  • Feeding, Hunger, & Nutrition,

  • Tired Signs,

  • Sleep Clothing,

  • Pacifiers, Weaning, Teething & More...

Sleep concerns we support:

  • Frequent Night Wakes, 

  • Early Mornings, 

  • Unsustainable Sleep Aids, 

  • Regressions, 

  • Age Appropriate Expectations, 

  • Difficultly Settling & Resettling, 

  • Awake Windows & Routines, 

  • Missed Naps & Nap Transitions,

  • Big Bed Transition,

  • Optimal Sleep Environment, 

  • Nightmares & More... 

Click the read more links below to find out what's included in our plans...

  • Free 15 min call to better understand how we can support your family w...

  • Our most affordable personalised plan to get your families sleep back...

    195 euros
  • This option gives you hand holding support to ensure a successful star...

    395 euros
  • Discuss your little ones sleep needs or get more support following one...

    95 euros
  • This can be added to any previously purchased tailored plan.

    50 euros
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