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CBT for Insomnia - 5 week course

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia - 5 weekly sessions

  • 205 euros
  • Video calls

What's included:

CBT for insomnia is considered the most effective first line treatment for insomnia. We support adults suffering from sleep disturbances, as well as teenagers under the guidance of their parents. Home, work or school stress such as divorce, death, financial pressure, relationships, puberty or exams, can greatly disrupt our sleep. Thereafter following chronic sleep deprivation our performance, concentration and mental health can suffer. Our well researched method is best conducted over 5 x 40 minute sessions where we will: -Diagnose the type and severity of your Insomnia, -Review weekly sleep diaries, -Help you to understand the physiology of sleep, -Learn strategies to manage stress, anxiety & external factors impacting sleep, -Learn strategies to reframe negative sleep thoughts, -Gradually reduce sleep medications as needed, -Provide a personalised optimal sleep routine, -Provide and practice relaxation techniques, -Provide personalised adjusts to daily habits that better aid sleep. Please book in for your 30 minute complimentary introduction call and we will be in touch to learn more about your individual situation, book in your sessions at a time that suits you and get started with improving your sleep straight away. If you would like group CBT-I sessions this can be arranged by contacting us directly. If you have questions please reach out for a free 15 minute discovery call, and allow us to better explain how we can help your sleep journey.

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