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Tailored Plan + 2 weeks Support

This option gives you hand holding support to ensure a successful start in gaining solid sleep.

  • 350 euros
  • Personalised Plan + 2 weeks Phone or WhatsApp Support

What's included:

All our support is designed to work with your child's natural rhythm, individual temperament and your parenting style. Start by completing our background questionnaire. That way we have a good understanding of your individual situation & needs. We'll send you a personalised, detailed, evidence based plan via email. Plus, you'll have two weeks of support to help you along the way. We will schedule a call or WhatsApp check in every other day throughout the 2 week period (6 x 30 minute calls in total or 2 weeks WhatsApp support) after you start your little ones plan at home. This plan is suitable from 3 months up to 12 years old. The package includes: - 15 minute introduction call to learn more about your situation, - 6 x 30 minute phone/video calls or WhatsApp support for 2 weeks to ask any questions you may have & make adjustments as needed when starting at home, - Full review of current sleep concerns & environment, - Gentle adaptations to address the sleep concerns, - Personalised night time and nap time plan (as needed), - Personalised settling techniques, - Child psychology discussion points, - Discussion around teething & regressions as needed, - Advice on the optimal sleep environment, - Age specific scheduling/awake windows/tired signs guidance, - Age specific feeding and nutrition guide, - Discussion regarding individual temperament & how we can adapt daily activities to better aid sleep, and; - A sleep tracker download. We also offer a virtual check of the babies'/childs' sleep environment with advice on helpful adjustments. This plan can be topped up with Phone/WhatsApp support within 3 months as needed. See Top Up Call/ WhatsApp Support. ​ Book your 15 minute introductory call and a link will be sent via email with our background questionnaire to get started on your life changing sleep journey. Link found under 'Join meeting'. If you can't find a time that works for you, please message or email and we can organise a time directly: .

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