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What We Do

Why work with us...

Science of Nurtured Sleep offers a fully personalised service, as we do not believe any 2 babies are the same.

All our plans are backed by science research and carefully designed to work with your child’s natural rhythm, along with your parenting style. The plans are sent following your completion of our background questionnaire. That way we have a good understanding of your individual situation & needs.

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Sleep concerns we support:

  • Frequent Night Wakes, 

  • Early Mornings, 

  • Unsustainable Sleep Aids, 

  • Regressions, 

  • Age Appropriate Expectations, 

  • Difficultly Settling & Resettling, 

  • Awake Windows & Routines, 

  • Missed Naps & Nap Transitions,

  • Big Bed Transition,

  • Optimal Sleep Environment, 

  • Nightmares & More. 

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Topics we cover:

  • The Psychology of Sleep,

  • Safe Sleep,

  • Co-sleeping, 

  • Attachment Parenting,

  • Responsive Parenting, 

  • The Truths of Sleep Coaching,

  • Sleep for Twins or more,

  • Feeding, Hunger, & Nutrition,

  • Tired Signs,

  • Sleep Clothing,

  • Pacifiers, Weaning, Teething & More...

Support Packages

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Contact Us

Can't find what you are looking for? No problem...

Please send us a message below with any questions you may have and we will be in touch shortly. 

Thanks for getting in touch!

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