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What We Do


Sleep concerns we support:

  • Frequent night wakes, 

  • Early mornings, 

  • Unsustainable sleep aids, 

  • Regressions, 

  • Age appropriate expectations, 

  • Difficultly settling and resettling, 

  • Awake windows versus routine, 

  • Missed naps and nap transitions,

  • Big bed transition.

Loving Child

Topics we cover:

  • The psychology of sleep,

  • Safe sleep,

  • Co-sleeping, 

  • Parental concerns,

  • The truths of sleep coaching,

  • Sleep for twins or more,

  • Feeding, hunger, and nutrition,

  • Tired signs,

  • Swaddling,

  • Pacifiers, weaning, teething and more...

Support Packages

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Contact Us

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Please send us a message below with any questions you may have and we will be in touch shortly. 

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