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Science of Nurtured Sleep

Create Attachment. Cultivate Sleep

Worldwide Support
Survival guide for the 4th Trimester & Tailored Plans from 3 months to 6 years old...
Adult and Teenage Plans Coming Soon!
We Believe in Responsive Parenting...
Creating & Nurturing Attachment by Day, 
Cultivating Contentment & Soundness by Night. 

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Hi, I'm Pam!

I'm a certified sleep consultant with a degree in life sciences', but most importantly I'm a mother!  


After many years working for the world's leading healthcare company, I packed up the high heels to be a stay at home mum with my gorgeous babies! My husbands work has taken us from Australia, to Singapore, to Belgium in 4 short years. We moved abroad when our first born was only 3 months old, and then had another daughter along the way. 

Here at Science of Nurtured Sleep our support is backed by research and tailored to your families individual needs. Our focus is on nurturing the parent-child attachment, whilst guiding the family to get the much needed sleep they deserve. We support babies from newborn to 6 years old with hand holding advice throughout all the stages and changes to come...

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Sleep & Learn

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Why work with us...


Science of Nurtured Sleep has helped many families to get their children sleeping soundly by night & happy by day... 

We believe in responsive attachment parenting. Our plans incorporate nurturing by day to cultivate a feeling of contentment & security by night.  

Free Discovery Call

Let us better understand your needs and find out how we can best support your family to gain solid sleep.

Tailored Sleep Plans

All sleep plans are tailored to suit the individual background of your child and family. As all our babies are so beautifully different. 

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Hand Holding Support

After receiving your tailored sleep plan. We are here as often as needed to help with every step along your sleep journey. 

Baby's Grasp


"Pam is a wonderful sleep coach & was instrumental in helping us transition our 2 & 4 year old children into sleeping together successfully in their own room. 
Pam listened carefully to our wishes & provided us with an approach that was gentle. She gave me the confidence to allow our children become independent during their sleep routine. 
It has been 12 months since we had Pam’s guidance and our children are still confident sleepers. We have recently had to stay in many temporary accommodations during a country move & our children have comfortably slept in their new environments. 
We would really recommend Pam to help you improve the quality of  your baby or child’s sleep."
Logika, Singapore
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Please send us a message below with any questions you may have and we will be in touch shortly. 

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