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Introducing our 7 steps to solid sleep for 4-6 month olds eBook. 


The ultimate easy to digest resource for parents navigating the confusing world of baby sleep. This 7 step guide is packed with expert advice on everything you need to know for this stage of your little one's sleep journey. As a once exhausted confused parent, I know a 300+ page book or hours doing an online sleep course is not what you need or have capacity for right now. You can read this 20 page eBook whilst nap trapped and have a calm, content, sleeping baby within a week. All my clients have had wonderful results within days. 


The Book includes:

- Step 1: Understanding Temperament for better sleep,

- Step 2: The optimal Sleep Environment,

- Step 3: Surviving the 4 Month Sleep Regression, Teething & Sleep Associations,

- Step 4: routine, daily rhythm & tired signs,

- Step 5: Weight, feeding guidelines, activities & toys that aid development & sleep,

- Step 6: Our own gentle in-room settling techniques,

- Step 7: Nap and overnight plan, for when things dont go to plan, and;

- A Safe Sleep guide.


All the information is backed by research and referenced for your peace of mind. Say goodbye to unsettled nights and hello to a well-rested family with this comprehensive eBook. Audio version available soon and will be sent to all existing customers. 


© 2023 Science of Nurtured Sleep

4-6 Months Old 7 Steps to Solid Sleep eBook © 2023

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