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Introducing our 4-6 Months 7 Steps to Better Sleep, Calmer Naps & Nights. 


The ultimate easy to digest resource for parents navigating the confusing world of baby sleep. This 7 step guide is packed with expert advice on everything you need to know for this stage of your little one's sleep journey, including:

- Sensory Temperament adaptations,

- Optimal Sleep Environment,

- Surviving the 4 Month Sleep Regression,

- Sleep Associations,

- Routine, Daily Rhythm & Tired signs,

- Weight & Feeding Guidelines

- Activities & Toys that Aid Development & Sleep,

- Gentle In-Room Sleep Teaching,

- Nap Plan,

- Overnight Plan, and;

- A Safe Sleep guide.


All information is backed by research and referenced for your peace of mind. Say goodbye to unsettled nights and hello to a well-rested family with this comprehensive eGuide.


© 2023 Science of Nurtured Sleep

4-6 Months 7 Steps to Better Sleep eGuide © 2023

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