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Tailored Plan + 4 Weeks Support

This option gives you full hand holding support throughout your sleep journey
Plan + 4hrs phone support
Comfort of your own home
What to expect

Our most involved option which gives you 4 weeks support via phone, video and/or WhatsApp after you receive your tailored plan. You will receive complete support throughout the sleep plan implementation period, which is especially helpful for chronic sleep concerns and gentle sleep training techniques. All our plans are backed by science research and carefully designed to work with your child’s natural rhythm, along with your parenting style.


Our sleep experts will schedule a call or WhatsApp check in at times that suit you (8 x 30 minute calls in total) throughout the 4 week period after you start your babies/childs' plan. The plan will be sent following your completion of our background questionnaire. That way we have a good understanding of your individual situation & needs.


This package is designed for infants and children between 6 months to 6 years old and includes:

  • 8 x 30 minute phone/video/WhatsApp support over 4 weeks,

  • Full analysis of current sleep concerns & environment, 

  • Discussion regarding any parenting difficulties & how we can incorporate attachment techniques & affirmations to cultivate a feeling of contentment & security at night, 

  • Gentle adaptations to address the current sleep concerns, 

  • Personalised night time and nap time contingencies,

  • Personalised settling techniques,

  • Advice on the optimal sleep environment, 

  • Scheduling/awake windows outline,

  • Tips on feeding and nutrition, and;

  • A sleep tracker download.


We also offer a virtual check of the babies/childs' sleep environment with advice on helpful adjustments.

This plan can be topped up with further phone/WhatsApp support as needed within 3 months.

See Top Up Call Support.

Book now and we will be in touch to get started on your life changing sleep journey!

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